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About Us

TukangDesain was founded in 1998. We are the young and energetic company, active throughout the world, that offers services in the area of web design and everything around that, in a professional way.

A message from us:
When we first started exploring the wonderful world of web design, it was fun. It reminded us of the days when we were a child and spent hours with our coloring books.

As our interest and experience grew, we began to realize that today's technology affords us a vast array of choices. We can throw a web page together with the best of them and we can also create a quality design.

We won't bore you with the techniques required to create a web site that is both pleasing to the eye and quick to view. Your job is to be proud of the finished product, ours is to apply our skills and knowledge to assure you that your money was well spent.

That way, we both succeed!

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